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Themes Talk

We specialise in all aspects of interior design. Wish to have a theme for your home? Inspired by a Hollywood star? Wish to create the Tree of life or want your room to depict an English garden theme? Takeaway Interiors can do it for you. So if you adore any celebrity, we can create a room which reminds you of the illusionary world of the super-star or if you love vintage, we can create a charming Rajashtani theme soaking in royal splendour. All your ideas are special to us and we would love to delve deeper to make your dream come true.

Take a breath of fresh air

Give your home a different feel every six months, such as dressing the cushions in different colours, placing a frame in a different corner or adding a pin board to exhibit picture collages. We at Takeaway Interiors can guide you through this fun experience too.

Make your home a statement which reflects your tastes for the finer things of life. We would love to explore more ideas along with you.

It’s our constant endeavour to stay informed about the latest interior trends as we offer our services. We take pride in presenting high-quality work and for us, fulfilling your interior needs and your satisfaction is paramount.